Antique Bronze Plant Labels

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Wonderful antique plant labels, unusually they are made of bronze. We have a number of different labels available, here is the current listAstilbe IrrlightAstilbe RhinelandAstilbe Gertrude BrixAstilbe EmdenAstilbe FanalAster BlandieAster ArchbishopAster Mesa GrandeAstilbe EuropeaAchillea Fire KingAster Lady HindlipAster Janet McmullenAster PeaceAster JunifreudeAster EventideCoreopsis BadengoldCampanula Wirral BelleCatanache Coerulea MajorCoreopsis BadengoldDelphinium William RennErica W T RackliffeErica Serley AureaErica vagans RoseaErica George RendallErica Mrs DoncasterErica CoccineaErica WuppertalErica Niars VarietyErica MullionErica C D EasonErica VivillaErica Mrs MaxwellErica MullionMonarda Croftway PinkPhlox Elizabeth ArdenPhlox Mies CopjinPyrethrum E M RobinsonPyrethrum BrendaRudbeckia HerbstonneSolidago GoldsclierSolidago InterlakenSolidago LenarlisSolidago LeraftSidalcea Lowfield PinkTrollius EtnaTrollius Orange PrincessTrollius ExcelsiorTrollius GoliathTrollius Goldquelle

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